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The paper bag, essential for wrapping and carrying in good conditions, is part of the historical activities of CEE Packaging Solutions. Discover the different characteristics of our ranges of paper bags, all renewable , qualitative and recyclable :

Since 2000, we have been developing paper bags for shops and businesses (shopping bags with handles, SOS, flat bags, bags wih gussets, etc.). We are today one of the leaders in the sector in Europe and offer a complete range of eco-designed products, without any compromise with usefulness and strength.

Carrier bags
Shopping bags

Responsible from an environmental point of view, the carrier bag has become essential today. With its large capacity, it represents a real lasting advertising vector, being used on a recurring basis.
Thanks to one of the most efficient industrial tools in Europe and the largest production capacity in France, we manufacture for our customers a whole range of paper bags with flat handles for shops, take-out, Drive… 

We can also manufacture 2-ply paper bags for transporting frozen products (exterior white paper and interior brown paper).

Consult us to discover our generic ranges of neutral bags, and the possibilities of personalized printing.

Sac cabas CEE R. Schisler 7

SOS bags

CEE Packaging Solutions is one of the main European manufacturers of square bottom paper bags, with side gussets, without handles, also called SOS bags (Self Opening Satchel). They are now used in many sectors of activity such as pharmacy, fast food, non-food trade …

Consult us to discover our generic ranges of neutral bags, and the possibilities of personalized printing.

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Flat bags
and Satchels

We also manufacture gusseted bags (paper bags with side gussets) and flat bags (paper bags without side gussets).

They are used in many areas such as sandwiches, bread, cookies, pastries, fruits and vegetables, or for fast food (bags of fries).


Our new generic range of fruit and vegetable bags is now available!

Consult us to discover our generic ranges of neutral or printed bags, and the possibilities of personalized printing.

Sac papier frites CEE R. Schisler

The paper bag,
respectful of the environment


Paper is a natural bio-based material, from a renewable and renewed resource. Paper bags can be certified PEFC or FSC®, from sustainably managed forests or recycled fibres.

Paper bags are a sustainable alternative to plastic bags.


Paper bags are reusable and recyclable.

After (re)use, a paper bag should be sorted and collected, in order to be recycled. The fibre can be recycled up to 7 times, in order to produce new paper pulp! 


Printed in solvent-free water-based inks, the paper bag responds to the growing demand for responsible use of resources and consumers' sustainable lifestyles.

It allows to enhance brand value while doing good for the environment.

Do you know all the qualities of the paper bag ?


Paper bags
contribute to fighting
against climate change.

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