Discover our "Earth Cup®",
ground-breaking patented innovation!
Earth Cup® is a monomaterial paper cup
recyclable and repulpable with paper waste
The Earth Cup® is made of paper with no plastic film,
and is compostable at home with bio-waste

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CEE Packaging Solutions is an innovative industrial company, 100% paper & board oriented. Since 2000 we constantly invest in the search for sustainable alternatives to plastics.

& Environment

Our major innovation is a true symbol of our policy in favor of the environment for 20 years. Indeed, the new Earth Cup® is the 1st monomaterial paper cup on the market, without any plastic liner, recyclable and home compostable (OK compost HOME). It was designed with a resolutely environmental perspective, from the saving of resources used to recycling.

It is just the continuation of a long list of innovations that we have implemented, with a resolutely environmental perspective:

At CEE Packaging Solutions, we are convinced that the industry must be a major player in the ecological transition. For each innovation, we consider the whole life cycle , from raw material to use and recycling. We take into account the End of Life of our innovations.


Did you know ?

Made of mono-material paper, without plastic film, the Earth Cup cup is recyclable and compostable at home!
It can simply be sorted with the paper waste, or deposited with the bio-waste in the garden compost bin. So this is no longer a waste but a resource : its material can be used to make products from recycled fibres, or to produce compost by biodegrading at ambient temperature, without adding energy.

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& Products

We have to master innovative technologies to match our customers’ needs and develop new markets. As such, CEE Packaging Solutions’ R&D is logically positioned at the heart of the production site. We also apply for patents such as the Earth Cup®.

As a packaging specialist for Quick service restaurants and distribution, CEE Packaging Solutions has always offered innovative solutions for its customers. Our extensive experience in these fields allow us to offer a constantly evolving range of products.

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