Earth Cup®, the home compostable paper cup

Eco-responsible innovation

Earth Cup ® is the first monomaterial paper cup WITHOUT a PE liner, which is recyclable and suitable for home composting.

This patented innovation can be easily recycled in the paper waste stream.

Made in France using European raw materials, the Earth Cup® is produced in accordance with the strictest food quality and safety standards and meets all regulatory requirements, with a lower environmental impact than any other type of cup.

The Earth Cup can simply be sorted with the paper waste, or placed with the bio-waste in the garden compost bin.



Single-use cup, multiple-use fibre !


So this is no longer a waste but a resource : its material can be used to make products from recycled fibre, or to produce compost by biodegrading at ambient temperature.


"OK compost HOME" certified : a product that is compostable at home with no additional energy

The aim of composting is to reduce the volume of organic waste through biodegradation, whilst re-using the resource to produce high-quality compost that can be used for agricultural or horticultural purposes.
Home composting is a more difficult and slower process than industrial composting since NO energy is added (ambient temperature).

The OK compost HOME certification identifies products that can simply be added to garden compost at home with biowaste.
With its circular resource-use, home composting cuts down on household waste, by using it to make garden compost.

According to European standards, the “compostability’”of a material includes its biodegradability as well as its capacity to disintegrate into fine, non-toxic particles that enable plant growth.

Why choose the Earth Cup® ?

Earth Cup® is a paper cup ideally suited to all uses for hot and cold drinks or ice cream.

Without plastic film and therefore without static electricity , the Earth Cup® unstacks perfectly in automatic vending machines.

Finally, the Earth Cup® is a privileged communication tool as its surface is printable, unlike some coated paper cups which are difficult to print on.

Earth Cup ® is a registered trademark that has been patented in several countries. This monomaterial paper cup is a unique innovation and has received numerous international awards and distinctions.

CEE Packaging Solutions is taking action for the environment with the Earth Cup®


Paper & board, recycling champions!

Still growing, the European recycling rate for paper and board has reached 72% in 2019

While the consumption of paper and board is decreasing in Europe, the collection of paper for recycling (graphic papers + packaging) has been maintained at high levels.

Sources: ERPC / CEPI

Paper is an exceptional bio-based material: cellulose fibre is not only natural and renewable, but also recyclable several times!

The European Paper Recycling Council confirms that the overall recycling rate of paper in Europe continued to grow in 2019 to reach 72%! Progress continues to reach the target of 74% in 2020.

Angelika Christ, President of the European Paper Recycling Council declares: “The increase in the rate to 72% shows that paper recycling is not only a promise, but is already today a model of circularity and a strong contributor to the European Green Deal ”.

Sources: ERPC / CEPI – ERPC 2019 report to download here

The paper – cardboard is the most recycled packaging material in Europe at 85%!

Fibres can be recycled up to 7 times , to manufacture new packaging.

Sources: ERPC / CEPI

85% of paper & board packaging is actually recycled today in Europe: this is the highest rate of all packaging materials (metal, glass, plastic).

The fibres used to make paper and board are natural and renewable:

  • recycled fibres 
  • virgin fibres, from thinning wood (silvicultural operations necessary for the maintenance and growth of forests) and related products of the wood industry (sawmill waste)

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