Single-use or reusable? A European LCA challenges common perception that reusable tableware has lower environmental impacts: it does not!

A new European study carried out by the international firm Ramboll and certified by TÜV (ISO 14040 and 14044 standards) * challenges the common perception that reusable tableware has lower environmental impacts than single-use paper-based packaging.

Indeed, this Life Cycle Analysis shows that single-use paper-based packaging used in Quick Service Restaurants is the best environmental choice .


* (LCA carried out for EPPA – European Paper Packaging Alliance – published January 12, 2021)

A study released by the European Paper Packaging Association (EPPA) reveals that single-use paper-based food and drink packaging used in European quick service restaurants is better for the environment than reusable tableware.

The Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) has been carried by Ramboll, the independent Danish consultants to the European Commission, and certified by TUV.
The study used current primary data from the paper, packaging and foodservice industries to compare the environmental performance over a year of typical disposable and reusable food and drink containers used in a quick-service restaurant for in-store consumption.


This LCA exhaustively assesses two “systems” – single use and multiple use – with all their impacts, according to multiple criteria and scenarios.

24 different types of articles used in QSR are studied, according to the average need of a restaurant in Europe for in-store consumption.

Current paper-based single-use packaging is compared with a reusable plastic tableware alternative (polypropylene – PP), or with traditional dishes (ceramic, glass, metal and plastic). Different options are studied for washing, which can be carried out on site or outside of the restaurant.

Paper-based packaging has very significantly lower impacts for 5 criteria out of the 9 studied!

The results of reusable dishes are strongly impacted by water consumption and the amount of energy required to wash and dry the products.


The sensitivity analysis shows that the environmental benefits are significant for single-use paper packaging in all the scenarios considered.

Renewable and recyclable, safe and perfectly suited to the needs and constraints of QSR, paper-based packaging remains the solution with the best environmental impact for this mode of consumption.


Burger King chooses Earth Cup®, the recyclable and home compostable paper cup

Burger King announces responsible commitment thanks to our new Earth Cup®, an innovation developed and manufactured in France. This patented cup, made of paper without any plastic film, is recyclable and compostable at home!

We have chosen to use the EarthCup® solution
from CEE Packaging Solutions for our 25cl cups.

An innovation that makes it possible to test in real size, across our entire network, a completely recyclable and compostable product. This enhances our waste sorting and recovery methods, inside our restaurants or at home for our consumers.
Dominique Ronceray
Sourcing, Purchasing & Supply Chain Management Director
Burger King France & Quick

1st mono-material paper cup WITHOUT plastic liner, recyclable and compostable at home.

This patented innovation is easily recyclable in the paper waste stream.

Made in France with European raw materials, the Earth Cup® is produced according to the most demanding standards in terms of food quality and safety, with a reduced environmental impact.


100% fiber-based innovative range of products

CEE Packaging Solutions is committed to its customers to provide them with adapted solutions that respect people and the environment.

CEE Packaging Solutions is an innovative industrial company, French leader in the design and manufacture of 100% environmentally friendly fibre-based packaging adapted to new consumer uses.

Based in France, it has a high-performance production site that brings together all the business components necessary for its industrial ambitions and to meet the specific demands of its customers. Backed by controlled development, it invests in people, technologies and machines to always respond with relevance and responsibility to the needs of its markets, both in France and internationally where it generates nearly a third of its turnover.


Our mission: supporting new consumer uses that need useful and protective, renewable, sustainable and recyclable packaging.

We are constantly looking for sustainable solutions, which are alternatives to plastic from fossil resources. The innovations that we develop are eco-designed products, bio-based on natural fibres, coming from a renewable and renewed resource!

Do you know about our exclusive patented Earth Cup® ?

Made of monomaterial board, without plastic film, this innovative paper cup is recyclable and compostable at home !


October 18, European Paper Bag Day

We are proud to celebrate the 3rd European Paper Bag Day with our employees and local associations. This annual day of action raises consumers’ awareness of paper bags, which represent a sustainable and efficient packaging solution to avoid waste and minimize the impact on the environment. This year’s edition highlights the character reusable paper bags.

Thank you to our dedicated teams, who get involved every day of the year in the manufacture of paper bags!

This Sunday, October 18, European Paper Bag Day: loyal to the post, the women and men of the “shopping bag” sector have made the paper bags that will soon pack your nuggets, your take-out menus, your shopping at the Drive, your basket of vegetables organic … and that you can reuse for next Sunday’s picnic!

We are also happy to renew our annual donation of paper bags to local self-help associations.

This year, the donation will benefit 2 associations which come to the aid of the most disadvantaged, and are very active in Thouars: “The Secours Populaire” and “Les Restos du Coeur” .

We have chosen to offer them 2-ply paper bags reusable , specifically adapted to transport of frozen and fresh products . Thus, the two associations will be able to distribute meals and fresh food products to people in need, without breaking the cold chain. Individuals and families will use these bags to take their food safely, and can save the paper bags for use and reuse as needed.

On the occasion of this 3rd edition, “The Paper Bag”, which brings together the main European manufacturers of kraft paper and bags, also launched a series of videos where the reuse of a paper bag is tested and demonstrated in the light. of different everyday situations. Check them out below!